Southern heat wave eases, but not much

Southern heat wave eases, but not much - us-canada

A dangerous heat wave was easing a little Wednesday across the Southeast.

Stifling heat and humidity which made it feel as though it was 120 levels (49 Celsius) in areas has been replaced by slightly cooler, forecasters said.

The heat subsided due to a cold front that resulted in overnight storms that left damage involving shattered roofs, downed power lines and toppled trees in northwest Alabama. No injuries were reported.

Heating alarms that extended northward to the Midwest are now confined to Gulf Coast states plus Georgia and South Carolina. Forecasters say the heat indicator should reach around 110 levels (43 Celsius).

Higher temperatures are expected in central California and the southwest, where forecasters say day highs could hit 115 degrees.

Baltimore’s teacher union is asking enthusiast gifts for sweltering colleges, but The Baltimore Sun reports that the district states electric systems might not be equipped to manage it.

Alabama restricted inmate work details due to the heat. A prison spokesman said officers also were conducting large ventilation fans and providing offenders with extra ice and water.

Southern heat wave eases, but not much - us-canada

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