Snapchat just announces Spectacles 3 with 3D cameras

Snapchat just announces Spectacles 3 with 3D cameras - us-canada

New Snapchat spectacles.


Snap on Tuesday unveiled its latest pair of smart eyeglasses , which let users capture video and pictures in 3D and share them with friends.

Snap, the company which produces the Snapchat program, said that the Spectacles 3 are available in two colours, carbon black and a rose-gold “mineral” colour, cost $380 and can be pre-ordered now ahead of availability this fall. They’re made from stainless steel, rather than plastic like earlier versions.

The new cameras allow users use augmented reality filters onto video and images, which means the effects seem as though they’re in the actual world. The new 3D camera also lets people to see an image or video from various angles.

Other technology companies are also betting big on augmented reality. Apple is reportedly working on its own pair of smart eyeglasses and has been aggressively pushing augmented reality in its own iPhones and iPads during the past couple of years.

You may apply 3D effects to videos and photos with the newest Snapchat Spectacles.


Spectacles have not been a hit with customers, however. The company wrote down $39.9 million in 2017 on the initial edition, which were priced at $129. 99 and originally launched in 2016. Regardless of the loss, Snapchat has continued to launch new versions.

It introduced a next iteration of the first with water-resistance in 2018 and 2 brand new versions, the $200 Veronica and Nico, in January. Snapchat has not reported losses on people, but they have not appear to have gained much traction, either.

Snapchat just announces Spectacles 3 with 3D cameras - us-canada

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