Saudi man charged with hit-and-run flees the US Video

Saudi man charged with hit-and-run flees the US Video - us-canada

Transcript for Saudi man charged with hit-and-run flees the US

Next, to a case of a fatal hit and run in Oregon which seems to be turning into an international event. Federal officials consider a watched DI exchange student charged with murdering a 15-year old woman as she crossed the road, apparently jumped out of the country, only two weeks before his trial, with an illegal passport. Tonight, they now feel the Saudi authorities helped him escape. Here is ABC’s Kenneth Moton. Reporter: Tonight, the ferocious demand for justice a year and a half after Saudi federal abdulrahman noorah charged in a deadly hit and run escaped the U.S., maybe with the support of his home nation. Police in Portland, Oregon, state August 2016, 15-year old Fallon smart was crossed the road when she was struck by noorah’s speeding gold Lexus, only feet away from her mother. The 20-year old, who returned to the scene, later put on house arrest, his passport confiscated while awaiting trial. But federal investigators state in June 2017, he cut off his ankle monitor bracelet and jumped to this waiting black SUV captured by surveillance. “The oregonian” paper reports the feds think noorah left the countries in a private airplane with another passport. The escape help offered by the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Tonight, the U.S. Marshals office telling ABC news it considers noorah remains there. Fallon smart’s family says this is “Just another painful reminder how the Saudi government doesn’t seem to appreciate our legal system.” With no extradition treaty between the U.S. And the Saudis, the intelligent household continues to use the county prosecutor to deliver noorah to justice. The Saudi embassy here in Washington didn’t respond to our request for comment. Tom? Kenneth Moton with this American household demanding answers tonight.

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Saudi man charged with hit-and-run flees the US Video - us-canada

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