New details revealed about Jayme Closs’s escape from her captor Video

New details revealed about Jayme Closs's escape from her captor Video - us-canada

Transcript for New information revealed about Jayme Closs’s escape from her captor

Next tonight, chilling new details later 13-year old Jayme Closs escaped her alleged captor. The teenager seen here in a photograph, published today, spending her first night free in 88 days. At home with her loved ones. We are also getting our first look at the rural Wisconsin home where the defendant allegedly held . Tonight, the puzzle, why did he aim her? Let us visit Alex Perez now. Reporter: Tonight, our initial appearance at Jayme Closs’s return home, posing with her puppies, a beaming grin. “Love her so much,” reads another article with her aunt. We said we would never give up, we did not, and we got her. Reporter: Also, new information about the courageous young woman’s harrowing escape later 88 days in captivity at this isolated home we are currently seeing in Gordon, Wisconsin. Police say Jayme’s alleged captor, Jake Patterson, had left the house before she took off, running into Jeanne nutter, who had been walking her dog. She was crying and said, “I need help. I don’t know where I am. I’m lost. Please help me.” Reporter: Researchers say the 21-year old is unemployed and has no criminal record. Authorities allege Patterson murdered Jayme’s parents last October and then kidnapped the woman. He shaved his head, so there was no hair left behind, possibly if he thought he was going to get into a battle. He tried to cover up his forensic footprint by hiding things on his body. Reporter: But the rationale, a perplexing mystery. Why do we think this defendant targeted Jayme and her loved ones? You know, the “Why” is the major question. I just know that Jayme was the goal of Mr. Patterson. He didn’t understand the losses, he had no contact with the losses that we have managed to uncover at this moment. Reporter: Jayme’s family, now hoping to reunite the young teenager to normalcy. In a Facebook post, her aunt saying, in part, “It will be a long road, but we are family strong and we love this little girl so much.” And Alex Perez joins us live from the police station from there in Wisconsin. Researchers are still working to determine out what happened within that home where Jayme was held. Researchers have been inside the house collecting evidence. We could learn new information on Monday. The defendant makes his initial appearance in court on Monday. Tom. Alex Perez on this story. Thank you.

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New details revealed about Jayme Closs's escape from her captor Video - us-canada

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