Democrats unlikely to cave Trump border wall amid government shutdown

Democrats unlikely to cave Trump border wall amid government shutdown - us-canada

The polls show only tepid support for constructing the wall, an oft-repeated Trump campaign promise he sees as an important part of his allure. Only 39 percentage of Americans prefer building a wall across the total U.S. boundary with Mexico, while 56 percent oppose the project, according to the CNN poll. Meanwhile, the Post/ABC survey found 42 percent back building the barrier, while 54 percent oppose the plan.

Since the shutdown drags on, Trump has attempted to shift the blame to Democrats, who control the House and can block financing laws in the GOP-held Senate. In a tweet Monday morning, he contended Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer “can end the shutdown in 15 minutes,” contending the closed “has become their, and the Democrats, fault!”

Pelosi responded by stating “it’s time for you to stop standing in the way of re-opening the government.” She called on the president to urge the Senate to approve House-passed invoices to end the shutdown, which Trump has threatened to veto. Pelosi included a movie from a December meeting where the president told Schumer he’d be “proud to shut down the government for border security” and “take the mantle” if funding lapsed.

It’s unclear if an elongated shutdown that causes more harm to government services and workers will alter political strategy. People who oppose the wall are torn about whether Democrats should compromise to reopen the authorities, according to the Post/ABC poll. Forty-eight percentage of respondents who don’t need a border wall state Democrats should refuse to finance the barrier even when the closure continues, while 45 percent believe the party should make a deal.

A spokesman for Pelosi didn’t immediately respond to a request to comment on what it would take for Democrats to provide earth and make a deal.

A larger percentage of wall fans, meanwhile, consider Trump should not give ground. Fifty-two percent of people who back the job believe the president should require money even when the shutdown drags on, while 41 percent think he should compromise.

Trump has shown no willingness to give up his need. Talking to reporters on the White House lawn Monday, he said he rejected a proposal from Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. , to reopen the authorities whilst border security discussions continue. Democratic leaders have urged him to take that route.

“I want to get it solved, I don’t want to just delay it,” he explained. He also claimed Democrats in Congress are “stopping a lot of great people from getting paid.”

Meanwhile, Trump has publicly mulled declaring a national emergency to create the wall without congressional approval. While some Republicans have urged him to take the action, other GOP lawmakers have said the move would set a damaging precedent and face immediate legal challenges from Democrats.

On Monday, the president asserted he has “the absolute legal right” to declare an emergency but stated he’s “not looking to do that” because it’s “too simple.”

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Democrats unlikely to cave Trump border wall amid government shutdown - us-canada

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