Captain Sully speaks out 10 years Later’Miracle on the Hudson’ Video

Captain Sully speaks out 10 years Later'Miracle on the Hudson' Video - us-canada

Transcript for Captain Sully speaks out 10 years later’Miracle on the Hudson’

Now to an event so a lot people will never forget. I saw wit my own eyes. What became known as the wonder on the Hudson. A passenger jet making an emergency landing on the Hudson river. Hard to think that was ten years back. Amy cried back to the river with sully. Sully. That’s right. Ten decades. It has been a decade. I visited the scene of the miracle with the pan that made it happen. Guiding that airplane down to the water and saving each and every person on board. Who will forget that day? We can not do it. We are gonna maintain the Hudson. Reporter: The unbelievable emergency landing of U.S. Air manners flight 1349 after hitting a flock of geese. There is a plane in the Hudson river right off Manhattan. Reporter: 155 soul on board all living. Adding a 9-month-old baby. Robin robs witnessed the krsh from her apartment overlooking the Hudson. It was only a — an wonderful landing. The fuselage never awakened. Anything like that. Reporter: It became famous as the wonder on the Hudson. The miracle worker, Chesley Sullenberger. Famously called sully. The hero pilot that lapded the airplane in the center of the river between nyc and new Jersey. This was your landing strip? We made a runway from a river. By doing this, I knew we had the best chance of saving each life. We would avoid the potential for a post-crash fire. Reporter: Only a couple hundred feet from where the plane crashed against the ferries behind us, sully refrekted on the tenth anniversary. I knew immediately it would be a life-changing event for everybody on the plane and their families. The first New York waterway ferry came 3:35 after we touched on the water. This was critical on this chilly day, when many people had gotten wet and hypothermia can kill in my view outs. Reporter: The staff work of the passengers, crews, just have tears and first responders says a whole lot about our world. When we work together. When we recall our common humanity, there’s little we can’t accomplish. Reporter: Later today, sully will reunite with many of these passengers on board. Tomorrow is the anniversary. There’ll be a ceremony and a get-together Ford crew. I will get to share an exclusive interview with sully and some of the passengers tomorrow. I am letting to Charlotte at this time. They have the airplane in the aviation museum will for people to watch and see the miracle . The passengers who kept in touch — I thought that was your telephone again. The passengers have kept in touch with him over the years. He along with his wife. They’ve shared with them births and graduations they would not have been able to experience. It gives you chills, does not it? I will never forget being in my own apartment. You’re only looking out the window. I just happened to be looking out. I was on the 11th floor. I was the next caller to 911. It was an emergency landing. Not a crash landing. He used that river because his runway. Amazing. Incredible. Can’t believe it has been ten year. Let us get to rob.

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Captain Sully speaks out 10 years Later'Miracle on the Hudson' Video - us-canada

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