Christian Middle Eastern Minister offers a unique perspective on Islam.


 He and his family had faced many challenges and dangers during three revolutions in Iraq including the time when the Baath party came to power.  They also lived through four wars while living in Jordan, including the six-day war with Israel and the civil war of Black September.  They lived in war shelters for weeks at a time.  Learn about God’s Miracles as He continuously saved and protected the Azars.  Pastor Azar was arrested and accused of being a spy and interrogated by the Iraqi Secret Police.  He was also arrested and detained by the Syrian authorities because of his beliefs.  Learn how Pastor Azar, with the help of our Lord, debunked a miracle making, self-proclaiming, false messiah who became popular in 1946 in Palestine.  During the same year, with the Grace of God, he saved another self-proclaiming messiah in Bethlehem and brought him back to Jesus.Pastor Azar’s experiences throughout the Middle East will give the reader a feel for the depth of an ancient conflict that people from three major religions were born into.  Everyone believes that they are right and that God is on their side.  While the Jews believe that Palestine is their promised land, the Muslims also believe that God gave them that same land through Ishmael.  Interesting conversations related in the pages of this book between Pastor Azar and the clergies of both the Muslims and the Christians will clarify many questions for the reader.  Find out how Pastor Azar proved to Muslims from their own Koran how Jesus is their Savior.Find out the real truth from a Christian minister who preached all of his life in the middle east.  In his book “Listening to Jesus”, Pastor Najeeb Azar reveals his conversations with high ranking Muslim clerics in many countries of the Middle East, including Iraq and Syria. Get your copy today:==>>  Source: Free Articles from


Christian Middle Eastern Minister offers a unique perspective on Islam. - middle-east

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