Study In Russia Scholarships Proffer Apt Financial Assistance to Foreign Students


Russia is indeed the largest nation on the face of this globe with more than a ninth of earth’s land being its own. It shares its borders with fifteen other countries. It is said to be in Eurasia because it extends on both the continents (Europe and Asia).  You will also be amazed to know that it spans across nine time zones. It is the world’s largest energy superpower along with being the world’s largest reserves of energy and mineral resources. Students are making a beeline to study in Russia because of a lot of factors. The degrees acquired from the top universities in Russia are recognized all over the globe; thus a student passing out from Russian university or college can ply the whole globe in search of an apt vocation. The international standards of teaching in Russian universities and colleges also assist students in specializing to the highest level feasible. The classrooms of Russian universities consist of small group of students which make sure that every student gets individual and special attention. This provides apt evidence to students that Russia proffers an apt atmosphere for learning and edifying purposes. When it comes to Tuition fee pricing structure; Russian universities and colleges charges much lesser than that in other developed nations like the states. Russian medical universities and colleges are renowned for their international standard teaching and other research facilities. They even feature in the top hundred colleges of the world. Earlier students used to fly off to the states and some countries in Europe for their higher studies. But this trend is witnessing a welcoming change as a large number of Asian and African students are choosing Russia as their study abroad destination. Although there are more than a ton of languages being spoken by Russian populace, one language which is homogenous through out the nation is Russian. Therefore it is highly advisable to learn Russian language before getting admitted into the top universities in Russia. This will help you acclimatize swiftly with the natives. Another fact is the cultural mix in Russia; you will find more than one hundred and sixty different ethnic groups in Russia. But in modern times, it has largely been influenced by western culture. One should contact Russian embassies in one’s own country and look at his/ her paperwork like Visa, etc. It is also utterly imperative to do a bit of intricate research on the World Wide Web as to the infrastructure, profile, placement opportunities of a specific Russian university or college before plunging into the all important decision of getting admitted into it. The cost of living in Russia varies from USD 325 to 425 which encompass accommodation, food, travel and entertainment.One can chip in for study in Russia scholarships as there are a large number of institutions proffering financial aids to foreign students. Some of the scholarships are: – AIFS Study Abroad Scholarships, Diversity Fund scholarships, David L. Boren Scholarships, HBCU Fund awards and Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships.Source: Free Articles from

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