City of Denver: Graced with Parks

City of Denver: Graced with Parks - asia

City of Denver is known as the queen city of plains as it plays an important role in the agriculture industry of the regions. Denver has been the most important place along the foothills of Front Range from this point of view. Some other names it acquired in the history are The Rail City and capital of the Rocky Mountain Empire. It is called Rail city, because it is a North American Rail hub and preeminence of the city in the rocky mountain region gained it the title of “Capital of the Rocky Mountain Empire.”

At the time of foundation, the city was a mere dusty collection of buildings, plains with grass and willow trees. The riverbank was filled with all such ingredients. However, with the development of the city, many magnificent parks and recreational centers came into being. Today, almost 200 beautiful parks ranging from small to large one exist in the premises of the city. 28 recreational centers are wonderful sources of entertainment. Many of the parks were developed during 19th and 20th century. Washington Park, Cheesman ParkCity of Denver: Graced with Parks - asia, and City Park are some of the names amongst several popular destinations in the city.

City of Denver: Graced with Parks - asia

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